Branding: the cohesive identity of your entire company… don’t mess it up!

Branding is imperative for a unified voice and visual continuity for every company. When I first started out at EducationDynamics, branding wasn’t a focus, because we are basically a one-and-done service. But with social media, word of mouth, video ads, I’ve recently been pushing for a complete brand for each of our sites.  Because UX isn’t just the user’s experience on the site.  It starts with the first time someone hears one of our names.  So I’m getting back to basics and working on branding guidelines for all of our brands.  My main focus with Education Connection is to keep the fun, while trying to really get out what it is we do.  I’ve brought back the “get connected for free” tagline, which is from our most popular commercial, which we sadly don’t have rights to.  In hopes it kicks in a bit of nostalgia and brand recall while freshening up the visuals to make our overall brand more appealing and a cohesive UX, from the first mention to complete conversion. 

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