Branded Landing Page

The problem

For years, Education Connection had remained loyal to its tried-and-true landing page design, a digital relic frozen in time. The passage of time had rendered the layout and aesthetics woefully outdated. The lander template no longer resonated with the evolving tastes and preferences of its audience, leading to a gradual decline in engagement and conversion rates.

My solution

Improve UX and increase CTR and conversions.

My key objective was to create an outstanding form that captivates users and entices them to proceed further down the funnel. I achieved this by implementing a clean and contemporary design, optimized for effortless navigation with the touch of a thumb, and a laser focus on enhancing the user experience. Below is the culmination of an extensive testing phase and the application of diverse knowledge, under the umbrella of a unified brand identity for Education Connection.

The results

16-20% conversion increase